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Session to identify, release and replace negative programs, limiting beliefs and false identity beliefs using the Belief Code

The Belief Code® is a sophisticated, comprehensive energy healing method that is based on the Emotion Code® and Body Code™ principles.

The Belief System allows certified energy healing practitioners to tap into the subconscious mind to identify and release unwanted beliefs, reverse or replace negative thought systems, and create space for new empowering beliefs!

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belief code certification

Session to identify, release and replace negative programs, limiting beliefs and false identity beliefs using the Belief Code

Duration: 60 minutes
Format: online

If you are already familiar with Emotion Code and The Body Code as methods of holistic healing, designed to identify and release imbalances caused by trapped emotions and other types of factors that can influence the proper functioning of the body, the Belief Code will certainly come as a very pleasant surprise to complete your journey of inner discovery and correcting aspects that are not as you wish.

The subconscious mind controls and influences over 90% of the body’s processes, and the conscious mind less than 10%

The subconscious mind controls emotions, instincts, and all vital functions in our body and has a significant influence on the conscious mind.

The conscious mind helps us in all our day-to-day decisions, but the information it relies on is very carefully filtered by the subconscious mind, which determines how you construct and see reality.

The subconscious mind is like a storage space for all the belief systems, thoughts, and mental programs that govern our lives. We are not even aware of most of them but they are reflected in our life and our results.

If you feel like you’re doing everything that’s in your power to get the results you want, and yet you realize that something is holding you back, it may be time to look at your belief systems.

The Belief Code Method supports certified practitioners to tap into the subconscious mind to identify and release unwanted beliefs, reverse or replace negative (limiting) belief systems, create space for new empowering beliefs, and help you reach your full potential.

The technique is very effective, whether you want to solve certain health situations, whether you want to improve your financial situation or you want to make changes in the area of relationships. There are definitely limiting beliefs that lurk in your subconscious and prevent you from achieving what you want.

You thus shorten the path from desire to realization, removing the blockages that could stand in your way.

Doctor Bradley Nelson‘s Method, the Belief Code, empowers you to free yourself from self-imposed limitations and open to a life lived in abundance, health, and vitality, with harmonious relationships and interesting activities, out of passion.

How many sessions do I need and how often do we need to see each other?

Depending on the situation you want to work on and its severity, the number of sessions may differ. I recommend a minimum of 5 sessions to be able to work in depth.

The recommended frequency of sessions is 1 per week, but no more than 2 per week. If you feel the need to leave more space between sessions, it is also okay to meet every 2 weeks or once a month.

What is important to know is that the changes are felt immediately, right from the first session. Sometimes we need to identify multiple belief systems before we get to the core of the limiting beliefs.

Even if you haven’t solved the problem you wanted us to work on in the very first session, there will be differences in how you feel, both physically and emotionally.

In addition, even if we start with a specific challenge, it is possible to end up with something completely different, what the subconscious tells you it is necessary to do now.

You can buy a session (60 minutes) or a package containing 3 or 5 sessions (60 minutes).

If it is the first time you work with me, with the Belief System, choose the first session with a special price.

I am Dorela Iepan, Emotional Coach, Certified Practitioner in The Belief Code & The Body Code & The Emotion Code, Certified EFT Practitioner, and author of the book The Perfect Relationship.

I bring together everything I have learned and my experience from over 1000 hours of 1:1 therapy and healing sessions to help people transform their lives and relationships and live a life of harmony, love, and happiness.

If you feel you resonate with me, I look forward to working together.


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