The book “The Perfect Relationship | 28 days towards love”

Over the course of 28 days, you will be guided on a transformational journey to authentic love and deep connection. A very practical book, full of useful advice and daily exercises that will change your perception of relationships and restore your confidence and hope that what you want is possible.
Also available in electronic format | Over 700 copies sold | Available in English and French

What is in the book "The Perfect Relationship"?

The book is structured into 28 chapters, one for each day of your trip.

The book is a practical manual to transform your life.

It is a personal development course condensed into a concrete and easy-to-implement plan for extraordinary results.

From setting your intention, very clearly and in detail, to understanding the benefits of achieving it and the disadvantages of not achieving it, the book brings more clarity to your desires.

The daily exercises at the end of each chapter will help you change your state and perception, to be, day after day, closer to the object of your desires.



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The first of the exercises proposed in the book is the gratitude journal.

You will write, daily, 10 reasons for gratitude for your partner or for the people you interacted with today.

If you have certain grievances or annoyances and feel discouraged, you may find it difficult at first to find the 10 reasons.

But, day by day it will get better and you will feel that you have more and more reasons for gratitude and joy!

Gratitude gives us the perspective to notice the good things around us and helps us to be more aware of the generosity and kindness of those around us.

We cultivate a positive attitude, we are more open in relationships and thus, we slowly attract even more reasons for gratitude.

Everything comes from you

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It’s something you’ll find explained in a number of ways throughout the book.

I will tell you about Ho’oponopono, an extremely simple spiritual healing practice that starts from the idea that we are responsible for everything that happens to us, to those around us, and to the world. Maybe it is familiar to you and you have already practiced it.

We will also talk about the Seeding System or mental patterns, which will give you a new perspective on reality and how you can “plant” the reality you want. As in the introduction of the book you have already put down on paper what you want, in the smallest details, all that remains is to put into practice the steps to get exactly what you set out to do.

How do you like the idea that everything comes from you?

Maybe it makes you angry and you disagree that you created the lack of relationship or the unhappy relationship you are in. How could this be true when you want a perfect, happy, harmonious, and loving relationship?

You will find all the explanations in the book and the specific steps to take to change your manifested reality and suit your wishes.

Don’t you find it liberating that you are the creator of your reality? That the power is with you and that you can decide today to take the necessary steps and a few small daily actions to get where you want to be!


The word perfect expresses something very personal. What is perfect for you may not be perfect for me at all. And vice versa.

The book also contains my personal story and my experience with all the practices that I recommend to you because I have included in the book those things that I have also tested and that gave results.

But the book is about you. About YOUR perfect relationship. Whatever that means.

Even before we start our journey together, you decide what exactly you want, what the perfect relationship means to you, what your life will be like when you have it, and what it would look like if you don’t have it.

These are extremely important steps for you, which help you clarify what you want, recognize that “something” when it comes your way, and most importantly, you will understand precisely how to create what you want.

But now I ask you: How important is it to you to have the perfect relationship?

Because if it’s not important and not a priority to change this aspect of your life, I’m afraid you won’t be willing to take the small actions outlined in the book and thus won’t give yourself a real chance at the perfect relationship for you.

Discover the book that teaches you, step by step, how to create the reality you want and enjoy it, every day.

All people have dreams and desires, but not all are willing to take the necessary actions to see them come true.

Imagine for a moment that you are living the perfect relationship. Can you do this? Can you visualize yourself as if the dream has already come true?

Now tell me what you would be willing to do, every day, to make your dream come true. Can you see yourself taking daily steps towards your dream?

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If you had a concrete plan with simple actions to take every day, would you follow it?

The book also comes to your aid with exercises for changing the limiting beliefs that have, until now, kept you away from the relationship you want, as well as for managing your emotions.

I am with you, step by step, for 28 days (or more) and help you stay connected with your desires, with the reasons why you want your perfect relationship. I come, day by day, with new explanations and a small task to perform.

But the decision to do something for yourself and your dream is entirely yours. So is the decision to set aside time, daily, to take the necessary actions. I promise that it won’t take you more than 30 minutes a day to read the chapter and then do the suggested exercise.

Are you ready to take the necessary steps to have the relationship of your dreams?

Dorela Iepan Cartea

I’m Dorela Iepan and I’ll be your guide on the 28-day journey to the fulfilled relationship of your dreams.

I am a Certified Emotion Code & Body Code & Belief Code Practitioner, a Certified EFT Practitioner, a Wellness Coach, and the author of the book that will change your life if you are ready to implement the daily actions proposed in its pages.

I work with people all over the world, manifesting my passion and mission by helping people heal their lives and relationships, bringing out the best within them, and celebrating every success.

The challenges in my own relationship led me to look for solutions to change things, especially since the relationship with my husband started off incredibly beautiful and I almost couldn’t believe that I had come so far from that magic we had in the beginning of our relationship.

I searched and experimented and although it wasn’t easy, I turned the difficult and unhappy relationship into a really perfect relationship for me. I am happy and very much in love with my husband, and together we are the best example of love, harmony, and support for our children.

And what I did, anyone can do. So I decided to synthesize all the study and all the things that worked for me to help other people find harmony in their relationships, be happy, and live the life they dreamed of.

That’s how the “The Perfect Relationship – 28 days towards love” book was born, and I can say with my hand on my heart that I’m sure it can help you too. It is written for you and your beautiful dream and I would love to read your success story soon after reading the book.



The exercise book brings together, and organized, all the daily actions, all the book and movie recommendations included in the book, and all the daily affirmations.

It’s very useful support if you want to make sure you don’t miss a single step on your journey to the perfect relationship.

You can also buy the book without the exercise book because the exercises are described in each chapter. The notebook is my way of supporting you, making things as easy as possible, and making sure that you take one step each day toward your perfect relationship.

What will you do in the 28 days if you let me be your guide on the journey to a perfect relationship?

✔️ You will clarify your intention, in the smallest details.

✔️ You will practice gratitude, for your partner, for the people in your life, for yourself.

✔️ You will understand the Seeding System and be able to apply it immediately to plant the reality you desire

✔️ You will learn to appreciate and love yourself.

✔️ You will bring to the surface the limiting beliefs that prevent you from having the relationship you want, and you will receive concrete techniques to replace them with supportive beliefs, and in accordance with your desire.

✔️ You will learn about love languages, how to recognize them in your partner, how to communicate yours, and how to find balance together

✔️ You will set some small habits that will keep you, in the short term and in the long term, on the path to happiness, fulfillment, and love.

You will receive by email the first 6 chapters of the book. This way you can see if you resonate with me and what I’m proposing before you decide to move forward.


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Maybe not.

The term is so subjective, and the evaluation of a perfect relationship can be so strongly influenced by emotions, that … you may never end up saying that your relationship is perfect.

It’s in our nature…if 9 things out of 10 are perfect, our attention may go to what’s not quite right and we’ll be distracted, forgetting everything that’s going right.

Furthermore, we are constantly changing and so is the environment in which we live.

But in a harmonious couple or in a relationship of any kind that works well, the two partners adapt, communicate, and find solutions even when they disagree on certain aspects.

The relationship is the best school of personal development. Your partner will always show you what you still have to do and where you still have to work together, to become better than yesterday and, together, stronger.

It’s just that this process that I propose to you will bring you very close to the perfect relationship and will help you successfully manage the moments when you feel that it is not quite perfect.

Are you ready?

"The Perfect Relationship - 28 days towards love" BOOK IS MEANT TO BE READ WITH PEN AND PAPER (OR WORKBOOK) IN HAND


The book “The Perfect Relationship – 28 days towards love” can be just another book on your library shelves or it can be the book that will change your life. It just depends on you.

I wrote the book and every story in it as I would if we were drinking coffee or tea together and talking about you and what you would like to change in your life.

I want you to find yourself and feel at every step that you have the power to change your life and create the future as you want it.

But for that, you have to be present, look within, understand what you want, and then follow the steps to get there.

The book contains 28 days of sharing and practical exercises, 28 steps to your dream.

It’s okay to go through the book faster or take more time on each of the exercises. You decide the right pace for you.


More than 700 people bought the book “The Perfect Relationship – 28 days towards love” and a large part of them also took the journey very seriously. And the results in their lives were not slow to appear.

Here are just a few of their shares:

Tocaciu Adriana Adra
Tocaciu Adriana Adra
30 October 2022
Am participat la mai multe ateliere de eliberare a emoțiilor captive susținute de Dorela, inclusiv la cele din Octombrie 2022. Dorela este magică, metoda utilizată de ea este atât de simplă și are rezultate atât de concrete, de fantastice, încât o recomand cu drag ! Chiar dacă nu știi mare lucru despre Codul emoțiilor și tot ce face Dorela, te îndemn să îți acorzi șansa de a scăpa de o grămadă de emoții pe care le porti cu tine, captive, îngreunându-ți viața ca un bagaj inutil; dă-te pe mâna Dorelei, cu incredere și curaj , pentru că știe ce face. Mulțumesc pentru tot, Dorela, și…țin aproape!
Oana Stoica
Oana Stoica
22 October 2022
În cadrul proiectului #fiivoceauneiantreprenoare am beneficiat de o sesiune de eliberare emoțională cu Dorela și a fost minunat. Efectele tehnicii cu Codul Emoțiilor se observă imediat în corp, aducând ușurare și atenuarea durerilor fizice. E magică această tehnică mai ales pentru că poți elibera simplu și ușor emoții captive moștenite din neam și pe care le cari cu tine fără să le cunoști. Mulțumesc, Dorela! Spor și inspirație în tot ceea ce faci!✨
Gérard Pennarun
Gérard Pennarun
17 September 2022
Merci Dorela pour ton atelier codes des émotions. Je me suis senti totalement différent le lendemain en sentant que mon coprs et ma tête ont libérés des émotions qui étaient t bien ancrées en moi depuis des années. J'ai été agréablement surpris de voir l'effet magique en une seule séance. Je suis vraiment dans la gratitude et je recommence vraiment ton atelier pour les personnes qui veulent se libérer de leur passé ????????????
Olivia Podobea
Olivia Podobea
13 July 2022
Am avut o sesiune la obiect in care am eliberat 8 emotii! Recomand!
Ibiana Gabriela Ibiana
Ibiana Gabriela Ibiana
10 July 2022
Am lucrat o sedinta de eliberare emotionala cu Dorela, prin metoda Codul emotiilor, pornind de la convingerile mele limitative, care imi creaza blocaje pentru a avea o relatie implinitoare. Am fost surprinsa sa constat ca avem in noi emotii captive, ramase in urma experientelor personale, cat si mostenite de la parinti sau din neam. Iti multumesc, draga mea pentru eliberarea emotiilor de indecizie, frica, confuzie, spaima, lipsa de srijin s.a. La finalul sedintei am simtit o eliberare, de parca intreg corpul meu s-a scuturat de niste poveri grele, din trecut. Imediat m-am revigorat, am simtit energia cum circula diferit in corpul meu, cum s-a facut spatiu dintr-o data si parca ma trezisem dintr-un somn letargic. O recomand cu drag pe Dorela, este pasionata si daruieste din ceea ce este ea cu multa dragoste. Multumesc, draga mea!????????????
Cristina Cătănoiu
Cristina Cătănoiu
21 May 2022
Cred cu tărie că atunci când cerem, când avem anumite intenții, Universul ne trimite tot felul de semne prin situații, oameni, oportunități. Asa am ajuns eu sa aflu de Dorela, aparent întâmplător, însă cu o mare însemnătate in spate. Am lucrat cu ea o sesiune de eliberare a emoțiilor captive și m-a fascinat cu detaliile pe care mi le-a dat și ce a ieșit la suprafață pentru eliberare. A fost profund totul și îmi este destul de clar cum intențiile mele se îndeplinesc. O recomand cu drag și încredere pe Dorela Iepan. Mulțumesc, om frumos❤️
Cristina Lorincz
Cristina Lorincz
18 May 2022
Dupa o saptamana de trait in masina de spalat, vorba unei prietene, Dorela este omul care trage cablul din priza. E incredibil cum poate schimba starea omului dupa o sesiune de Codul emotiilor. Foarte minutioasa si foarte operativa! Multumesc cu recunostinta!
Mirela Daniela Ivascu Afiliation
Mirela Daniela Ivascu Afiliation
13 May 2022
Multumesc Dorela pentru sedinta, in aceasta sedinta am identificat si eliberat lucruri despre care eram oarecum constienta insa le priveam dintr-o perspectiva diferita , iar asta ma impiedica sa le scot din realitatea mea. A fost surprinzator, intens, eliberator???? Dupa sedinta am continuat sa curat, am continuat sa ma recunosc, sa cer, sa cer din spatiul: " merit sa cer" ci nu din spatiul: " daca gresesc cerand", pentru mine este un pas imens, iar schimbarile continua. Multumesc ????
Andreea Claudia Ghimpeteanu
Andreea Claudia Ghimpeteanu
13 May 2022
O recomand pe Dorela oricui vrea să își redeseneze sau să își eleveze natura relației de cuplu. Sincer, te simți învaluit în magia ei încă de când vorbiți prima dată, iar apoi, prin cititul cărții "RELAȚIA PERFECTĂ- 28 de zile spre iubire", regăsești magia în tine. Și, astfel, regasind-o în tine, o regăsești în cel de lângă tine! Dacă ar fi doar cartea ar fi perfect, însă, debordând de atâta iubire, Dorela chiar DOREȘTE să ne fie ghid spre viața de cuplu mai fericită, mai împlinită. Așa că ne invită în călătoriile sale magice, Challeng-ul și MASTERMIND-ul pentru relații unde, cu o infinită răbdare, blândețe și respect ne ia de mânuța pe fiecare în parte și zi de zi mai pune un indiciu pe calea sprea viața dorită. Parcursul cărții, cât si programul de Mastermind m-au făcut să realizez că totul vine de la mine, că eu proiectez doar ce e în sufletul și mintea mea, iar dacă vreau iubire și fericire, atunci SUNT IUBIRE ȘI FERICIRE! ❤ Mulțumesc, Dorela, pentru toată magia pe care mi-ai insuflat-o! Viața mea de cuplu este cu totul alta acum!
Ramona Croger
Ramona Croger
11 May 2022
Draga Dorella te recomand cu tot dragul și incredera tuturor care își doresc lucruri magice în viața lor și super constientizari. Începând de la bani care apar neașteptat și oportunități la care nu as fi crezut posibile. Îți mulțumesc pentru toată dăruirea ta, energia pe care o transmiți și valoarea pe care o primesc de fiecare dată cind ne conectam. Ești magica!
Are you ready to start the journey to your perfect relationship?

Discover the book that teaches you, step by step, how to create the reality you want and enjoy it, every day.

Dorela iEPAN