Hello, I am Dorela!

I was born in Romania but I have been living in France for many years. 

I work with people from all over the world, manifesting my passion and my mission by helping them heal their lives and their relationships, bringing out the best in them, and celebrating every success. 

My dream is to build the world that I dreamed of as a child. A world where people are happy, their happiness coming from deep inside. A place where you can see the light of every heart, and harmony ruling in every aspect of your life. 

I really do want to make the world a better place. 

And I truly believe that all of us will succeed in making it happen, as soon as we accept:

  • to live in agreement with our mission,
  • to allow ourselves to heal and
  • to be better every day.
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But things have not been like this all along. I was lost in a domain and career that were not making me happy. I felt that I couldn’t make an impact in the world, and I was wondering what was it that I could do, with passion, and to make money as well. I didn’t believe at the time that I could do what I like, that I could make the world a better place and get paid for it.

I was helping everybody around me, and I felt I had a special power: to see the best in people and to give them the energy, and sometimes the tools to become their best version.

But somehow I couldn’t see myself as being a healer, or at least I didn’t have the courage to call myself one.

That was until I finally decided to heal my own heart first, and only after accomplishing this, could I easily recognize myself as being the healer that I wanted to be.

So I did just that, by studying and applying on myself first of all. Right now I am an Emotion Code & Body Code & Belief Code Certified Practitioner, an EFT Certified Practitioner, a Magnetism Certified Practitioner, a Guided Meditation Facilitatora Life & Holistic Nutrition Coach, a Vegan Chef, an Aromatherapy Consultant, followed by many other titles / qualifications that I earned by studying and practicing.

But the most important thing is that I can call myself a Healer. I bring together everything I have learned and my experience from more than 1000 hours in 1:1 coaching and healing sessions, in order to help people transform their lives and their relationships and live a life in harmony, love and happiness.

Why did I choose to focus on relationships?

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The way I met my husband and the beginning of our relationship were truly magical and worthy of a book. But, despite all my personal development background and all the love I felt, it didn’t take long until happiness was accompanied by frustration and, soon after, I almost couldn’t remember why I chose him and why we are together.

In 2018, when my kids were 1 and 3 years old, I started a 30-day challenge in a group of moms, to re-evaluate our relationships with our partners and transform them for the better. At the beginning of 2019, I made the second challenge, improved, and made some progress in my relationship. The other girls had amazing results, but I didn’t get the transformation I was looking for and I was thinking my relationship is over.

At the beginning of 2020, I almost had my divorce papers ready. I didn’t see any other way out, although it was not an easy decision to make, having 2 small children.

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Shortly after, my husband agreed to go to couples therapy, but due to the COVID lockdown, the appointment was canceled. Seeing that my husband was open to communication, I continued my search for solutions, I went through transformational training with one of my mentors, I practiced gratitude and the results started to show.

It took time, effort, healing, and a hard look in the mirror to understand what I have to do and to finally free myself from all the limiting beliefs, from the emotional baggage, and from the models I saw growing up, such as my parents’ relationship, as well as those of others from my entourage.

Step by step, I managed to transform myself and my relationship until the point that I was very much in love with my husband, very happy with him and I felt like I was living the magic from the beginning, all over again.

And things have stayed this way, even to this day.

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So I decided to help people find harmony in their relationships, be happy and live the lives they dreamed of. 

This is how my book was born. “Happily ever after” is a practical guide for a 28 day process, in order to get, keep or transform the relationship of your dreams. 

And I have used all the healing techniques I have learned and adapted them so we can work specifically on relationship objectives. So in 1:1 sessions, I also started to focus on relationships.

But when I say relationships,
I don’t mean just romantic relationships.

Whatever you want to change or improve in your life, there is a big chance you need people in order to do it. Friends, mentors, collaborators, clients, suppliers, trainers, and healers.

In all areas of our lives, we interact with people, and good relationships can make things easier and better. This being said although I focus mostly on personal relationships – this being the main topic that generates suffering among the people I talk to, the results of my coaching program can actually improve all aspects of your life!

Do you want to work with me?
Setting yourself free from trapped emotions, limiting beliefs and blockages can help you transform your life, faster than you would hope.

I think it is important for you to feel like you trust me and you resonate with my coaching style. So, feel free to book a 30 min CLARITY CALL, in order to decide if I am the right person to guide you in your healing journey!

Dorela iEPAN