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“And they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER”

Do you have trouble finding the perfect partner? Or you are in a relationship but things aren’t going very well?

I am here to help you get the perfect relationship, no matter if you are looking for the perfect partner or you are married/committed but not actually happy at the moment. 

I have helped over 600 people improve their lives and their relationships. 

What is stopping you from living the life of your dreams?

We all have dreams and aspirations, and a very bright image about the ideal life. But very often we struggle to transform them into reality and it seems almost impossible. And this is because of the barriers that we create in our minds. 

Believe it or not, you are the one that keeps away the things you actually want in your life. 

Sometimes fear, self-doubt, lack of clarity or motivation can influence the way you think and the actions you take, which, in the end, affect your results. 

Everything around us is energy. Our body is energy, and the things we want (material but not only, it can be happiness, relationships, and so on) are also energy. And when we experience emotions (negative especially) and we do not manage to release them or process them, they get stuck in our body and our energetic field.

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Fulfill your biggest dreams!

Free yourself from trapped emotions and

allow yourself to live a happy and authentic life,

with harmonious relationships, good health and happiness!

How does releasing Trapped Emotions change your life?

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Trapped emotions are emotions that become trapped within the body, usually when experiencing traumatic or negative situations. When we do not process them properly, they remain in the body and they create blockages. The energy doesn’t flow freely, and this can lead to physical and emotional imbalances. 

They are not visible to the naked eye, but the Trapped Emotions have a very specific energy and vibration that affects the chemistry of your body and everything you will experience in life. 

By releasing these trapped emotions, the body can achieve a state of balance and harmony, allowing you to find improved health and well-being, in all aspects of your life. 

How I can help you

I am a Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner and also a Certified EFT Practitioner.  Both Emotion Code and EFT can make miracles by releasing or processing the emotions that are causing us to experience the things that bother us in our lives. Releasing Trapped Emotions, processing limiting beliefs and removing blockages can totally change the way you feel and what you experience in your life. As I have explained before, each emotion has a very specific energy, and by releasing the trapped emotions, your energy, the chemistry of your body changes so you attract different things, people, situations.  I work 1 on 1, in 30 or 60 minute sessions, depending on the situation you want to solve and the “tools” that would help you the most.  So, we can see each other in 30 min Emotion Code or Body Code Sessions, or 60 min for Emotion Code / Body Code / EFT Sessions The sessions take place online, so you don’t have to worry about location or traffic. You can access the session from the comfort of your home.  We agree on the program together, so we can find the interval that works best for you.

The results come very fast, almost miraculous. You come to me with an issue that bothers you very much, maybe makes you angry or keeps you up at night, and after as much as 30 min work on it, you don’t even remember why you were so upset to begin with. 

And not only that way you feel changes, you will have the impression that the people change and everything in your reality seems different. The truth is that when your energy changes, everything outside seems to change. Because you lift your vibration and you see / feel / attract the things that resonate with you, on the new level.

Sometimes, healing takes time

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The one thing I ask from you, if we work together, is to have patience, with yourself and with the process, and to be kind to yourself. 

Whatever you are experiencing, in your life and your relationship, is the result of Trapped Emotions (some of them from childhood), limiting beliefs that are with you for many years or emotional baggage transferred to you from your parents. So, if it took years to create this situation, give your body time to adjust to the changes and take it step by step, enjoy the ride and the small victories and have an open heart for the miracles to come. 

Very often we see significant changes after just one session, but if you want to change your life and regain your inner balance, it might take a few sessions. This is why I have packages of 5 sessions, with better price, to make it easier for you to decide to take care of yourself and completely change your life for the better.

What is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a healing method developed by Dr Bradley Nelson, for discovering and releasing trapped emotions in your physical and emotional bodies, with minimum effort from you. 

I recommend his book on this technique, “The Emotion Code” to all of you who want to understand what this is about and how it works. You can even practise it on your own and you will see results, but it will take much longer. Working with a Certified Practitioner can accelerate your progress and bring the results faster to you.


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By releasing the trapped emotions, the body can return to a state of balance and harmony, allowing for improved health and well-being. 

If you are looking for a relationship, chances are you will find it very soon. Once you have removed the emotional baggage that makes you think and feel that “there are no good men/women”, “you do not deserve to be happy / loved / respected” and so on, your reality will change. 

If you are in a relationship and things are not going so well, you do not feel happy, loved, respected, supported or whatever else you might feel, things can change. I am the living proof, because I was determined to divorce and I didn’t see any chance for my marriage, and now I am very happy and accomplished and I am living the relationship of my dreams, with the man I wanted to divorce. 

Read more about my story here.



Alina Leonte
Alina Leonte
16 January 2023
Am participat la un atelier de codul emoțiilor ținut de Dorela în care ne-a pus să ne alegem un obiectiv mare și unul mai mic care putea fi îndeplinit într-o săptămână. La nici 3 zile de la acel atelier obiectivul mic deja s-a îndeplinit. Mulțumesc Dorela. You are the best si te recomand cu dragă inimă. Revin cu detalii când se îndeplinește și obiectivul mare.
Dia Di
Dia Di
2 October 2022
Cartea “Relația Perfecta” a Dorelei Iepan merită sa fie in casa fiecărei familii. Pentru a avea relații armonioase este mereu nevoie sa lucrezi cu tine însăți! Iar această carte oferă pașii de urmat pentru ceea ce fiecare partener își dorește. La orice nivel ai fii in relația ta, poți armoniza și mai mult conexiunea dintre voi. Eu am avut constientizarea puternica după parcurgerea cărții că, relația mea actuala este rezultatul acțiunilor mele din trecut, este proiectarea interiorului meu in exterior. Recomand aceasta carte sa fie practicată măcar o data pe an. Cu profunda recunostinta, Diana Szabo!
Gerard Pennarun
Gerard Pennarun
17 September 2022
Merci Dorela pour ton atelier codes des émotions. Je me suis senti totalement différent le lendemain en sentant que mon coprs et ma tête ont libérés des émotions qui étaient t bien ancrées en moi depuis des années. J'ai été agréablement surpris de voir l'effet magique en une seule séance. Je suis vraiment dans la gratitude et je recommence vraiment ton atelier pour les personnes qui veulent se libérer de leur passé ????????????
Isabelle Van Beers
Isabelle Van Beers
23 August 2022
Ma séance avec Dorela a été extraordinairement efficace ! J'étais très perturbée par le fait que mon sourire devienne de moins en moins beau (et pour moi, un beau sourire est la porte vers l'autre) et que mes dents semblaient jaunes (même si tout le monde me disait que non)... Cela m'affectait énormément ! Moins de 10 jours après la séance, j'ai été la 1ère étonnée d'avoir l'impression que mes dents étaient bcp plus blanches et mon sourire éclatant... ma vision a donc changée sur mon sourire et personne ne peut s'imaginer à quel point cela m'a mis un boost dans mes relations aux autres. Un tout grand merci à Dorela !
Anca Huma
Anca Huma
4 August 2022
In primul rand mulțumesc cu recunostinta pentru acest workshop????.Pentru mine a fost eliberator, magic ma simt liniștită, am o stare de bine ,ma simt energica și vesela.Este fascinanta lumea asta a emotiilor ..Mulțumesc mulțumesc mulțumesc..????????
ramona croger
ramona croger
17 June 2022
Mulțumesc pentru workshopul gratuit de astăzi, pentru toată valoarea pe care o transmiți de fiecare data cind ne vedem. Te recomand cu încredere tuturor celor care vor sa aibă o relație frumoasă cu soțul, copii și ori și ce fel de relație împlinită. De fiecare dată cind lucrăm împreună, ceva magic se intimpla în viața mea. Îți mulțumesc pentru tot cea ce faci pentru comunitatea Relația Perfecta ????
Beval Construct Beval Construct
Beval Construct Beval Construct
26 May 2022
O carte buna este ca atunci cand discuti cu un om care are o viziune asemanatoare cu a ta. Am reusit sa mai adaug cate ceva la mine, la modul de a ma cunoaste mai bine. Si pot spune ca mi-am mai facut o prietena. Multumesc!
Mirela Ivascu
Mirela Ivascu
13 May 2022
Multumesc Dorela pentru sedinta, in aceasta sedinta am identificat si eliberat lucruri despre care eram oarecum constienta insa le priveam dintr-o perspectiva diferita , iar asta ma impiedica sa le scot din realitatea mea. A fost surprinzator, intens, eliberator???? Dupa sedinta am continuat sa curat, am continuat sa ma recunosc, sa cer, sa cer din spatiul: " merit sa cer" ci nu din spatiul: " daca gresesc cerand", pentru mine este un pas imens, iar schimbarile continua. Multumesc ????
Angela Nistor
Angela Nistor
12 April 2022
Mulțumesc pentru oportunitate de a fi clientul tău în sesiunea codul emoțiilor. După sesiune mă simt ușoară, bucuroasă cu mai multă claritate și tensiunea emoțională din corp care o percepeam ca pe durere fizică a dispărut. Este magic ceea ce faci! Felicitări! Succesul să te însoțească in fiecare clipă!
Andreea Munteanu
Andreea Munteanu
6 April 2022
Sedinta cu Dorela a venit la momentul potrivit, ca o completare, ca un dar Divin. De dimineata am avut un antrenament energetic pe relatia cu tatal, s-a lucrat intens, s-au eliberat foarte multe, multe constientizari... dar pentru ca a fost asa de intens corpul meu a ramas cu o durere de cap (intensitate 5-6), inca procesand totul la nivel energetic. Am inceput sa lucram, Dorela folosind Codul Emotiilor si EFT in timpul sedintei, am ramas placut surpinsa sa vad ce a iesit la suprafata, lucruri care poate ar mai fi durat zile, luni pana sa reusesc sa le „diger” singura... dar surpriza, la sfarsiul intalnirii cu Dorela imi disparuse durerea de cap, disconfortul creat de aceasta durere, iar pe langa aceasta am primit o informatie care a schimbat o intreaga poveste, perspectiva si perceptia pe care am avut-o intiparita adanc in subconstient pana atunci. Daca ar fi sa o descriu in cateva cuvinte pe Dorela ar fi: competenta, profesionista, calda, deschisa... cu dorinta de a-i ajuta pe toti cei care ii „trec pragul” si de a-i calauzi pe aceasta cale! O recomand cu drag pe Dorela, atunci cand ne lasam ajutati raspunsurile si constientizarea vine mult mai repede si vindecarea odata cu acestea.



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