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The Emotion Code is a Simple Yet Unbelievably Effective Tool to Live a Happy Life

What if it’s not you? 

When you have been experiencing problems in an area of your life for a long time, you may start blaming yourself for it. Maybe things aren’t meant to go right and you just cannot be truly happy. 

But what if there’s something else that’s holding you back? 

You may not realize it, but trapped emotions could be blocking your way towards building the life you have been dreaming about. 

The Emotion Code helps you to resolve this. 

I spoke to Dorela Iepan, an emotional coach and therapist who specializes in relationships. 

As a certified practitioner of The Emotion Code, Dorela made remarkable changes in her life using this technique. She then decided to help others break through their emotional barriers and experience a fulfilling and successful life. 

In this article, we’re answering all your questions about this increasingly popular technique. 

The Emotion Code isn’t just effective, but it is also painless, unintrusive, and permanent. But what exactly is it? How does it work? And how can you benefit from it and build your best life?

Read below to find out more. 

Emotions can get trapped inside the body

Challenging experiences such as pain, fear, or trauma, result in negative emotions. 

When this happens, you may not be able to process these emotions at that moment in the right way. These emotions get trapped inside your body as you try to move from the event. In fact, the stronger the feeling, the more likely it is to get trapped. 

So how does this affect you?

Science confirms that we exist as energy. These unresolved emotions have their own energies too. When stored inside the body, they alter its chemistry and cause an energetic blockage. 

This can cause you to feel anxious, depressed, or irritated. When you’re always upset, it starts to show in your relationships and career. 

You may also experience physical distress in the form of pain, illness, or a general feeling of unease. 

What is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is the brainchild of Dr. Bradley Nelson, a holistic chiropractor and bioenergetic medicine expert. He talks about it in his book The Emotion Code: How to release your trapped emotions for abundant health, love, and happiness, which hit the shelves in 2007. 

In simple words, The Emotion Code is a method of energy healing.  By releasing suppressed and unresolved emotions, we can achieve a state of physical and emotional balance that helps us live healthily and happily. 

Here’s what Dorela says about her experience. 

“Reading this book answered all the questions from my childhood. I’ve often thought about being able to release pain with ease. Now I know that there is a way. 

You have the power to let go of the things that are hurting you, with ease. 

When I first came across this technique, I started to test it on my friends and family. They couldn’t believe it when I was able to find out about events from their past and uncover their trapped emotions, especially when I knew nothing about this part of their lives.

Some of them had thought before using The Emotion Code that they had healed and moved on from their trauma, but it was still there. The Emotion Code helped them let go of it wholly. 

I realized that I can do this for other people as well. At this point, I decided to help people heal their emotional trauma using this wonderful technique.” 

How do trapped emotions come to occur?

Unresolved emotions come in different ways. 

  • Trapped emotions born from our experiences

When we go through traumatic experiences and don’t deal with the resulting emotions in a suitable way, they become trapped inside us. 

“Each emotion has its chemical formula. When it gets trapped, it alters the body’s existing chemistry. This affects how we function physically and emotionally.”

As a result, we can experience a prolonged state of unhappiness and dissatisfaction born from the trapped emotions inside us.

In short, it stops us from being truly healthy and happy.

  • Trapped emotions that come from others

We talk about trapped emotions in our body coming from experiences more or less traumatic. 

But what if they aren’t your own?

Emotions that are trapped in your body are sometimes hard to detect, because they haven’t come from your own experiences. You are the receiver of someone else’s trapped emotions. In some cases, they might have existed for generations and simply been passed down to you. 

According to The Emotion Code, these types of trapped emotions have been recorded: 

Personal emotions: These are the emotions born from your own experiences, between the moment of your birth and up to today. 

Inherited emotions: Emotions that you’ve inherited from your mother or father. They also might have inherited these emotions. You receive these emotions at the moment of your conception. 

Prenatal emotions: Emotions that occur from your experience from the moment you are conceived to your time of birth. These emotions are either your own emotions from the moment you were in the womb of your mother, or your mother’s. Rarely they can be someone else’s trapped emotions. 

Preconception emotions: For those who believe in life before and after death – Your trapped emotions may be something you’ve carried with you from past lives. 

Absorbed emotions: Empathy is a strong quality. Sometimes this leads us to absorb emotions from the experiences of others around us when we want to reduce their pain or protect them from it. These are emotions we create for ourselves out of empathy for another, and then they become trapped inside us. 

Shared emotions: When several people experience a painful or traumatic experience together, the emotions born bind them together. These people all share the burden of the trapped emotion.

How to tell if you have trapped emotions inside you?

When unresolved emotions are trapped in your body, they make themselves known in the form of physical and emotional distress. 

  • You feel like you don’t deserve good things.
  • You feel abandoned by your loved ones. 
  • You are depressed and anxious frequently. 
  • This affects your work and life, and you often find yourself unhappy and distracted.
  • You can’t find a well-paying job. 
  • Your relationships turn sour, and you push your loved ones away. 

Usually trapped emotions aren’t detected as they have been a part of you for so long. People aren’t used to the idea of trapped emotions being the cause of physical and emotional distress and they are used to taking care of the effects instead of the causes for their pains.

However, if you find yourself thinking this way, you might not be the one at fault. Your unresolved emotions are at the root of these feelings and it is easy-peasy to solve the mystery now. 

How is The Emotion Code used to release trapped emotions?

The Emotion Code is a tool that can help you resolve problems that may be due to a particular emotion trapped inside you. 

A Certified Emotion Code Practitioner is able to detect and unravel emotions that are causing an energetic blockage inside your body. 

Do you want to know the best part of this? 

You can do the session in the comfort of your own space. An Emotion Code session can take place in the same room with your practitioner, over the phone, or even in a virtual meeting. 

What happens in an Emotion Code session?

Here’s what you’ll need before you start.

  • Calm down your mind
  • Trust in the Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

“In an Emotion Code session, we choose a specific problem you’re facing and the objective that you want to achieve. 

We start the process to identify the trapped emotions concerning the problem. During the process, we identify the type of the trapped emotion and complementary information eventually needed before the release of the emotion.”

Finding the trapped emotion

The Practitioner will establish an energetic connection with your subconscious mind. She will then identify the trapped emotions related to the topic of the session. 

She will use muscular testing, the emotions chart, and intentional questions to find out the necessary information about your trapped emotions. 

What is the type of the unresolved trapped emotion? 

When did it occur? 

What was the event that got the emotion to get trapped? 

The Practitioner will be able to discover this by asking questions that are focused on the problem you want to solve. She will then get the responses through muscle testing. 

Once the Practitioner has identified the emotion that needs to be released, she then asks if there is anything else that you need to find out about it.

Releasing the trapped emotion

Once the answer is negative, meaning there is nothing else to know about the trapped emotion, the Practitioner will use a magnetic card to release the trapped emotion from your body by swiping it on a portion of the central meridian (that goes from the middle of your upper lip, up to the head and down to the spine) three times. 

In a 20 minutes-long session, you can expect to release between seven and fourteen different emotions. This also relies on your body’s present state and what it is ready to release.

What’s next?

So you have just finished your Emotion Code session. What happens now? 

“An Emotion Code session takes about 20 minutes. 

One session isn’t enough to release all that’s holding you back. But with just those first 20 minutes, you can already feel your life turning around. This is because you released some emotions during that session.”

The after-effects of your Emotion Code session can be different from what someone else may experience. This is because profound emotions that may have been there for years or even generations have been released. 

You may feel lighter after the session as if a physical weight has been lifted off your shoulders. 

Alternatively, you might feel exhausted, heavy, or even upset since your body is still getting used to the changes that occur due to the release of the emotions and the changes of its chemistry. 

The changes begin to unravel over the next few days. It may take weeks or months to see the full effects of releasing your trapped emotions. However, the fact remains that this will change you physically and emotionally in a way that affects the rest of your life. 

The best part? 

These changes are permanent. Your unresolved emotions, once released, are gone forever. 

In the case of inherited or absorbed emotions, not only do you heal yourself, but the people connected to you that had that trapped emotion will also be able to release their trapped emotion. 

“What inspired me to use The Emotion Code for healing people was seeing how easy it is for us to let go of what is hurting us. 

There is magic in this tool.  

Once these trapped emotions are released, they don’t come back. This method is easy to perform, acts fast, and isn’t painful at all. You don’t even have to relive your painful memories in the healing process.”

The Emotion Code helps you heal from emotional trauma and build the life of your dreams

When you’re used to living with the burden of emotional trauma and it starts to hinder important aspects of your life, you might be tempted to believe that maybe, this is the way it is meant to be. 

Once this happens, it is easy to give up and accept that things will not work out. This mindset is dangerous to have. 

Living with trapped emotions for a long time can affect how you live. 

It damages your relationships. 

You develop self-sabotaging habits. 

You see your career fail and aren’t able to help it. 

You miss your chance at happiness. 

The Emotion Code helps you break free from this pattern. 

When you release trapped emotions, it eases any physical pain or discomfort that you may experience due to energetical blockage. 

By removing negative emotions that trigger feelings of depression and anxiety, you allow yourself to be light-hearted and positive. 

When you are happy with yourself, this feeling of contentment and joy will seep into your relationship with others as well. 

Lastly, you will be able to enjoy success in all aspects of life. Being free from emotional baggage lets you think clearly and make better decisions. You naturally do better in your career, reach out for new opportunities and enjoy abundance.

Happiness doesn’t seem elusive anymore. In fact, it is right within your reach. 

“Traumatic memories and negative experiences trap you in the past. It normally happens like this. 

But once you release these trapped emotions, you free yourself from the burden of your traumatic experiences and feel the courage running through your veins. You realize that you actually want to have new experiences and it becomes easy to go ahead with them. 

You realize that you’re okay and you become ready to receive the beautiful things that come your way. 

I felt the change myself when, just after a few sessions, my calendar started filling up. I now hardly have space for more clients.  And I believe that this is all a result of my work with myself. 

It is not that The Emotion Code solves all our problems. But by releasing trapped emotions, you are able to take the right steps and go to the right people who will be able to help you. 

It’s like a gate that opens up for infinite possibilities. Then you choose the one that you want – Not out of fear, but from love, trust and confidence.”

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