Where to look for what I want? – Four steps to success

Where to look for what I want? – Four steps to success

The first important step when you want something is to make sure you know what you want. Although you smile reading such a logical thing, if you go deep you will find that it is possible that, very often, your wish is a long list of everything you do not want. State clearly what you want.

The law of karma says that in order to have something, you have to help someone else who wants something similar to you, help that person get what she wants. The second step is to find a person to help and write a plan for the help you will offer.

Step three says to put into practice what you plan out to do in step 2.

Step four is the most important, it is the step that assures you that you will find what you want. Rejoice for the help you have given, for the happiness of the person you have helped.

Repeat this step at least daily and you will find that what you have been looking for is already in your life!

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