How to be a ray of light in a dark field?

How to be a ray of light in a dark field?

One day, the darkness went to God, very upset that the sun was chasing him and so he was always on the run. God called the sun to trial and asked him if what the darkness said was true. The sun answered that he does not know the darkness, who is that darkness? He asked for darkness to come to the trial. The trial is still pending.

The hardest news I can give you today is that it only depends on you if you are a victim of life’s circumstances and fail in everything you do. Before you get mad at me, I want also to give you the best news of today, it only depends on you if you are the protagonist of your life and you shine in everything you do. Because I don’t know you, I’ll talk to you about me. The moment the world turned upside down, that is, about a year ago, and my life was like a broken porcelain in an infinity of pieces, I discovered that the light shines from within. If you are still looking outside to seek the light of your soul, stop searching when you reach a mirror and discover yourself. When you look closely, you see a shy gleam waiting for an encouragement to shine. Many times in our lives we tend to repair the broken porcelain we talked about above. Do you think that when you glue the pieces of a broken plate, you will be happy to use that plate again? When I realised that my life was not broken porcelain, I found the light in my soul, which began to shine to bring light into the darkness. When you give light, you shine brighter, because the strength of those who walk together on a road is much greater than that of those who travel alone.

It is said that a thousand souls of light met, and one of them wanted to observe his own light. He was unhappy that he didn’t shine like all the others. Then God placed him in the midst of darkness, where he might shine.

How much time in your life do you spend remembering your failures, upsets, worries, and how much time do you spend on your accomplishments and those of your acquaintances, even those you don’t know? You may have already heard that everything is energy (and you can name it in what feels comfortable for you) or it is news that upsets your strong beliefs. If everything is energy, we can say that everything is light, even if we perceive it in different shades. And if everything is light, how wonderful is it to live in a reality where there is no darkness? Darkness is the absence of light. In other words, darkness is the absence of positive thoughts. Plant a seed of light in your soul today, which you will take care of every day and you will see how the brilliance appears in everything you do.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” Henri Ford

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