I find a lot of frivolity around me

I find a lot of frivolity around me.
What can I do to meet people who want to get involved for a long time?

The moment you learn the rules of karma, you notice how your exterior changes and your dreams come true. However, you keep asking yourself why some things don’t happen exactly the way you want them to happen. It is very important to remember that what you see outside reflects something inside you. Whether it’s something you like or don’t like, what you notice on the outside tells you about the inside. If you have met people who are not involved, whether we are talking about long-term love relationships or we are talking about business relationships, it means that you yourself are not 100% involved in what you do. Look at those around you as if you were looking in the mirror, and give them what you want. Do you want to meet someone who is 100% involved in your relationship? Track your behavior in your current relationships, analyze your degree of involvement and improve the quality of your involvement every day. You will notice how others will want to be fully commited to you.
Do you have the courage to confirm the truth of what I said above?

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