My husband stares at the pretty girls we pass, which irritates me too much. What seed do I have to plant so that he is pleased to look only at me?

To this particularly beautiful question it is important to look for the depth of the question. The woman actually wants her husband to perceive her as beautiful. In the seeding system (the explanation on our understanding of what karma means and how we can use it to everyone’s advantage) Beauty comes from the fact that we do not get angry.
I want to tell you that I was a very angry woman and I was really wondering why I don’t see love in my husband’s eyes for me anymore. Because beauty comes from the peace we offer to others.
What is 100% only in your power to be able to change, to see other results than the ones you have seen so far?
If the list ends before you start writing it, I suggest you follow your angriness level, your general condition and make a 1% change every day to follow the evolution of the results. Smile, give encouragements, rejoice for the successes of your friends, give attention and warmth. All these are seeds that will transform your inner beauty. Both you and your husband will see you beautiful!

How do you see yourself? How do you feel your husband sees you? Are you willing to make a 1% change every day?

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