Closure of a relationship

Closure of a relationship

We are going through difficult times, maybe now or in the past, you lost a loved one, someone who left you too soon. You are still thinking about that person and all the discussions that could not take place, because he or she left too quickly. I invite you … to a much-needed discussion.

What you need: a hot drink, at least 10 minutes for you, a pen and at least two sheets of paper, or a diary.

Please have a hot drink, get comfortable, enjoy it, and after you are relaxed, put yourself in a position as close as possible to the meditation position, close your eyes and take a deep breath, exhale deeply until you feel that you are taking out all the air in the lungs. Continue these deep breaths for 3-5 minutes.

When you feel ready, open your eyes, take your pen and diary and write a letter to the person you have in mind. You can write him / her everything you feel, both the joys or the anger and sadness caused by his / her departure, everything you wanted to tell him / her and you didn’t get the chance to, the reproaches you have, maybe even the gratitude you feel for him / her.

When you feel that you have put on paper absolutely everything you were going to say to him / her, please take another sheet of paper and this time, write a response from this person to you. On the one hand you can write everything you would have wanted this person to tell you while he / she was in your life, on the other hand, you can answer the questions you asked in the first letter. Let yourself be guided by intuition in this exercise and you will be surprised by the depth of the letter received.

When you have finished the exercise, breath deeply three times.

You can keep the written papers, throw them in the trash, throw them in the toilet, burn them (be careful – don’t play with fire). No matter what feels good for you, it’s perfect!

Share with us how you feel now that you’ve done this exercise.

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