Energetical alignment for financial success – EC – 2023-11-13

Energetical alignment for financial success – Discover how releasing of the trapped emotions can transform your life.

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Group workshops are a great way to start your journey of emotional healing and transformation, but also a great way to maintain your well-being. You can only participate in group workshops, the chosen topics being relevant for most people in the community, or you can combine them with private sessions, where you work on very specific life situations your.

Group workshops are very valuable because between 50 and 80 emotions are released in one session. Considering that between 7 and 14 emotions are released in a 1-on-1 session, you understand why you feel the clearing in the group workshops so intensely and how the results sometimes come instantly.

All workshops contain a combination of techniques (Coaching, Emotion Code / Body Code / Belief Code, EFT, Meditation).

The workshops are held online and last 60 minutes. All workshops are recorded, and access to recordings is only available to people who subscribe.


What techniques are used in the workshops?

The structure of the workshops has been constantly improved over time, based on the feedback of the participants, now reaching the perfect form, I think, for you to get the maximum benefits, in the allocated time.

All workshops contain a combination of techniques (coaching, emotional release, EFT, meditation, Seeding System) but one of them is dominant. Therefore, you can choose the workshops to attend according to the topic of interest or according to the main technique (Emotional Release, EFT, Seeding System).

Each workshop starts with a few questions that you will answer in writing, in your diary (no need to share in the chat). These questions are intended to bring attention to the topic of the Workshop, to help you evaluate the emotions related to the written things (before and after the workshop), but also to set your intention as correctly as possible related to the releases that are about to happen.

⚜️ In the emotional release workshops, we release unresolved trapped emotions (you relax, I name the identified emotions, and you will start the release impulse). There will be several rounds of releases, with small breaks, and at the end, we have a small EFT exercise and a short meditation, specially created for the theme of the workshop.

⚜️ In EFT workshops we use emotional release techniques together on the specific theme of the workshop (a series of affirmations that we say while tapping specific energy points on the body).

To go through the workshop you only need:

☑️ A diary and a pen
☑️ A water bottle or mug with tea, according to preferences
☑️ A tissue box
☑️ A fridge magnet

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Energetical alignment for financial success
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Energetical alignment for financial success – EC – 2023-11-13
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