This week allow yourself to explore the darkest part of your being. Don’t be scared of this challenge. Go inside yourself and look for what you consider to be your biggest flaw. Give it a name, like anything else in the world, it will be an honor to be named. Now that you know who you are facing, stay upright and serene, instead of running into the dark, look for all the benefits that this dark side has ever brought to your life. For example, if you are lazy, there have probably been other people who have done things for you; if you consider yourself too attentive to detail, it is probably a great advantage in the work you do, where attention to the smallest detail is important; if you tend to forgot a lot, there may be very painful memories in your past that this forgetfulness wanted to protect you from. Observe carefully all the benefits you get from your biggest flaws. Does your dark side seem to light up?
Do you feel safe now having a conversation with your shadow? Thank her for everything she has done for you so far, you can even list all the benefits and protection you have felt, and then tell her that you feel safe to continue without this protection. Name other resources that can help you from now on and tell the chosen defect that you will use it whenever needed.

What shadows did you choose to appreciate today?

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