It is very possible that it is difficult for you to appreciate yourself, especially if you have learned to see only your defects, because only these have been observed and reminded regularly. This week’s exercise involves looking for 5 people you admire, you can choose one person a day.
Write in the diary the name of the chosen person and her qualities, for example: Maria I admire you because you pay attention to details, Cristina I admire you because you cook amazingly, Andreea I admire you for the relationship you have with your husband, Adriana I admire you for the calm with which you face challenges.
I suggest you choose as many qualities as you sincerely admire and allow yourself to enjoy these appreciations as much as possible.
Now, in the end, I want to tell you that all these qualities exist in you, you could not notice them in others if you did not have them yourself.
Read the list you wrote, but this time say your name, …….. I admire you because ……
How do you feel after doing this exercise?

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