i want to get married

I want to get married. What guarantee is there for my marriage vows?

It is a more than appropriate question in our days, where many people seem to promise love until they face their first crossroads. You can love without making a vow, you should know that no one forces you to get married, it is your choice, and if it is not your choice 100% it would be useful to look for resources where you can feel safe.
What does marriage mean? It is an act that you sign, an oath that you take, a promise that brings a lot of happiness in your soul. If somehow such a decision brings a lot of anxiety in your soul, you can use the exercise from #karma2 that will help you find peace and serenity towards an unknown future.
The guarantee of your oath does not come from my answers, but from the purity of your deed. If you remember that you are the one who creates your future, if you practice the four steps to get what you want, if you pay attention to your thoughts during the day, you will notice how reality is reshaped, transformed. Not only will you benefit from these changes, but your entourage will also benefit from them.

And for those of you who have already taken this step, how strong are your vows? Analysing life from this new perspective, can you see the possibility of major changes in the quality of your life?

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