How can I spend more time with my husband

How can I spend more time with my husband?
Give time to other people!

An extraordinary monk said, “You should meditate 30 minutes a day, but only if you have time. If you don’t have time, you should meditate for an hour.”
It sounds like provocative advice, but the more I think about it the more true it becomes. The advice I give comes from the Seeding System, the wonderful teachings, the Diamond Path, which does not accidentally combine a life story with ancient written texts. I must not deviate too much from the message and remind you that the people you know are indeed your reflection. If you don’t have time now, just look in your (other people) mirror and find the solution. Help someone save time and you will be rewarded with time. You don’t have to do much, but you should do it with pleasure. You don’t have to follow a rule. Now is the time you come and tap on my shoulder and you tell me that I’m being absurd, how can you help someone else have time when you don’t have it? I’ve been studying time for a while, I was the person who didn’t have time for anything, because I was too busy to … play games on my cell phone! Little by little, I discovered how much I could do in a day, and I did that by helping others have time. I found it more interesting to take care of a friend’s children or translate a book than to pass another level in an endless game. If you have 2 free minutes a day, even if it’s just your two minutes of silence, give them to someone, then go back to the exercise 2 and go to the forth step of this exercise.
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