1. Transfer ATTENTION from the brain to the heart. The Indians made it simple, they greeted you with their hands on their hearts. Press with your finger or the whole palm on the heart. Then the Attention moves to the place where it feels the pressure.
    Close your eyes and connect to your inner self. When you do this, you send a signal to your body that it is safe. And the awareness of the inner world begins.
  2. Next step: change the breathing rhythm. Don’t overdo it, just breathe a little less often. In this way you send a second strong signal to the body: you are safe.
    When the body feels safe, chemical changes take place. The parasympathetic nervous system receives the signal that it no longer needs to be on the alert – “fight or flight”. Stress hormones are reduced.
    Only by breathing less, the path to Healing opened.
  3. It connects the Heart and the Brain, energetically speaking. Doing so creates an emotion. I recommend one of the 4 emotions:
  • Gratitude
  • Appreciation
  • Attention
  • Compassion
    You feel how this emotion comes from where you feel the touch.
    Buddhists, for example, use compassion effectively. This emotion triggers a higher brain state, on the Gama frequency.
    So, COMPASSION is a strong key. At the moment, when I implement these exercises I bring gratitude.

From or in this state you can:

  • ask the intelligence of the heart to answer the questions to which you cannot find the answer otherwise.
  • start your affirmations.

After only 3 minutes this exercise has effects that trigger:

  • over 1300 biochemical reactions, which will last up to 6 hours after you finish the exercise.
  • increasing level of DHEA, which is the precursor of all hormones in the body. It increases by up to 100% after 3 minutes of Brain-Heart Harmony.
  • reduction of stress hormones.
  • paves the way for super-learning or super-memory, etc
  • self-adjustment.
  • the ability to adjust your own physiology.
  • healing.
  • longevity.

after Greg Bradden

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