How do I get what I want? Make a list with out you want

How do I get what I want?
Make a list with out you want

I heard very often, even I was proud to know that, people who know very clearly everything they do not want. I love a story from the first motivational books I read: a lady wants to renovate the bedroom, once she says she wants yellow walls, another time she says she wants them blue. When the painter finishes the job, her walls are green. She’s very upset because she didn’t want green. If you do not know what you want, if you are undecided and oscillate between your choices, the Universe (God, Source or as you want to call the invisible creative energy) will give you what it understands. Make a list of what you want, put everything you want on paper, reread the list to make sure what you wrote is clear. It is a first step in getting what you want. Take a look at last week’s exercise to get inspiration in taking the next steps.
Do you have a list of your wishes? Do you check this list periodically to check and add new wishes?

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