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  • How to access your account Video
My YouTube Channel
  • Demo Belief Code Session – with Natalie Riede
  • Demo Belief Code Session – with Jordiana Chevalier
  • How can we transform the anger into love?
  • Love yourself and you will love the world
  • Be the creator of the world you want to see
  • Relaxing Meditation with Emotional Healing
  • How to be focused
  • The Emotion Code – Emotional Healing – Presentation
  • What is the Secret to Long-Term Relationship | Dorela | Global Speakers Talk
  • Reframe what’s possible – Leading by example – with Jess Shillingford
  • Why Emotional Healing will help you in Love – with Isabelle Nanin
  • Connecting to Our Bodies Through the Emotion Code – with Jordiana Chevalier
  • Tapping – EFT session – with Jordiana Chevalier
  • 5 Secrets of the Perfect Couples – with Isabelle Nanin
  • Navigating the Journey of Love – with April T. Giauque
  • Decoding the Belief Code – with Simeon Reed
  • Be the Creator of your LIFE – Live WEBINAR
  • Fulfilled relationships – Live WEBINAR
  • Global Summit for Speaker’s LIVE
  • How to Become a Confident Public Speaker? | Global Live Speakers Summit | Motivational Speaker | GST
  • How to Find Your Voice to Impact Others? | Global Live Speakers Summit | Global Speakers Talk

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